Friday, January 11, 2013

The Big-Foot Yeti

This week has been, in one word: Whew. Nothing  big or important or even serious, just a lot of “my world is falling apart” moments that would probably feel less “falling apart-ish” if I weren’t pregnant. Really it was just dumb stuff, but we're all allowed to have those weeks, right? Good stuff happened this week too, like a fun play date with a friend (where Abi Kate proceeded to poop in her panties. Twice. Awesome.)  But just a week where I wouldn’t have cried if someone wanted to offer me an island getaway or something, or maybe even just new pipes….

I can pretty much sum up this week’s crazy to a comment from last week. Tommy got home from work and walked into the kitchen, where I was cooking dinner. He said, “Oh my gosh. It’s like seeing a big foot Yeti.” And me, “Huh?” And him, “You’re cooking!” Now ya’ll, he is not heartless. He was totally playing but he is so right! I am normally the cooker around here, though he is a great cook himself and is always happy to make dinner or whatever. But when I am pregnant, that pretty much goes down to nil. It’s been that way in all 3 of my pregnancies. Food aversions coupled with nausea with heavy fatigue just does not a beautiful combo make for dinner preparations. I always feel pretty bad about it, but it’s reality while a little person shares my body. That said, we had a good laugh and I kept hovering it over his head in the following days, which also was funny. ;) It did actually make me think for a minute, though…. And on Monday I decided that since I was feeling pretty good I had fewer excuses not to cook. I made our dinner plan for the week and told myself I was going to get busy in the kitchen. Oh the best laid plans...

On Wednesday, I decided to make apple butternut squash soup (which is fantastically delicious, perfect for cold gross weather, and also happens to be vegan friendly.) Abi Kate was riding the crazy train that evening and I was quickly trying to get everything mostly done so Tommy wouldn’t have to wait 100 years for dinner once he got home. That and I was starving myself. I peeled the butternut squash, and in a hurry and against my brain saying, “No no, Katie. Don’t you do that” I quickly smashed the peels down the disposal and flicked it on…. And it did great for a second and was then clearly super clogged. Lovely. Welcome home, honey.  

It took about an hour, but we were able to clear the clog. Happy faces. The following morning, when I went to unload the dishwasher from the previous night, there was standing water in the bottom of the dishwasher. I knew it was related to that dumb butternut squash (which Abi Kate hated with a fierce veracity by the way)…. I thought, no biggie. I read this could happen. It’s a quick fix. Fast forward to Friday where yes, the water is draining better though still not completely. It is SO COOL to shop-vac out your dishwasher a couple times a day. I HIGHLY suggest it. Stab. In addition to the washer, our shower and sink in the back bathroom that had been running slowly for about 2 days decided to completely stop draining on Thursday as well. I had to take a shower. Had to. I was taking dinner to a friend who just had a baby and my hair was beyond repair without a shower (and by the way, that baby might’ve been the best part about my week. Yay baby Ethan for your undeniable cuteness!!) I decided to shower in our front bathroom which is Abi Kate’s tub. I was in a hurry, so I didn’t have time to clean out the toys. It’s very fun to wash your hair while tippytoeing around 10 ducks, 2 turtles, 5 bathtime books, and a few pails. VERY fun. Try it. Also, try to make sure your center of balance is off with a baby in utero. That adds to the fun. All of that to say, we got the shower and the sink fixed that night and they decided that water should go down their drains. Hallelujah. That was until this morning when the front bathroom’s toilet decided to overflow. If I wasn’t convinced before, I am now 100% certain that the pipes in my house are all conspiring against me. And also, you know how in Harry Potter The Chamber of Secrets the basilisk is in the pipes and affects the kids…. Yes, that happened here too. The chaos in the pipes=chaos in my toddler. Not bad chaos, just crazy chaos. All in all, the garbage disposal is fixed, the toilet is fixed, the shower is fixed, and the bathroom sink is fixed. The toddler is funny and the dishwasher…. He will probably have a date with Mr. Workman if Tommy can’t correct it tonight. And really, people, ALL of this stemming from that dumb squash, which was a result of me being a Yeti. Each of these events isolated probably wouldn’t have been a big deal. All of them within 48 hours of each other…. Less than stellar. I officially hate myself. And squashes. And cooking dinner. It may not happen again until May. Welcome back, big footed Yeti.

All of that to say, I needed some giggles. Like hard hahahahaha laughing. I was reading a blog where she mentioned in a link something about her random funnies. I clicked on this link and it took me to a Pinterest board. I am not a Pinterester-- shameful, I know. Well, technically I am, I guess. I do have an account that I created when it first came out, but the one time I got on it I couldn’t figure out the boards and just haven’t tried again since those 2 years ago. I do see people post really cool stuff on Facebook from it and I will click on it and think, “Ooo! I like that” and I will look at their boards of pins. And that’s about as far as my pinteresting goes (It has now become an acceptable verb, right?). You have probably seen these. Possibly all of them, especially if you’re on Pinterest. But they were new to me. And besides baby Ethan’s little ball of goodness and most beautiful baby hair on the planet, I think THIS has been my favorite part of the week…. If you need a laugh because your week has been full of the crazies like mine, this is also for you…(I promise to write a real post in the near future, but until then....)

Yes, Google. Yes it does.

 Oh my gosh. This is still so funny. I can't stop laughing while I post this.

Not everyone has a Harry Potter complex like we do. And not everyone knows all the lines of Mean Girls like myself (and my hubs) do.... But if you fit that combo.... We were both sobbing while reading this. Tears of Laughter.  

 This could be you, Mom. Don't lie. ;)

Coming to a mailbox near you as a part of Abram's birth announcement.... 

Or maybe you'd prefer this one? Not creepy. At all. I know you are DYING to see my stretch marks. Nothing says newborn love like a gun and a bare belly.

And last but not least, my absolute favorite.... The one that made me miss my little friends and their pure hilarity...

You are welcome.

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  1. Dy-ing! I love those images. The pregnancy photos are high class, let me tell you. Thanks for sharing, Yeti. ;o)