Thursday, August 9, 2012

Where Peace Abides

Life has been loud for me lately. From the ongoings of our world to the opinions of others. My thoughts have been loud. My heart has been unsettled. Even social media has had a lot of volume. (I’m not suggesting anything people should post and not post. Your page, your choice. It’s just, overall, been loud). Sometimes even the things that aren’t said, actions left undone-they have shouted through the silence. And honestly, I am exhausted. Worn down from over analyzing, emotionally spent from thinking and feeling, and craving deep solitude.  I’ve found myself in a new place in life, and in this new place I literally hunger for the peace of Christ. It is a good place, this new season. It’s been filled with more challenges than ever before but the victories have tasted sweeter than ever before. 

I have such a tendency to dwell. To linger. To toil over people, circumstances, and situations that I have no control over. It’s usually unprofitable for me, causing me only to despair and not leaving me with much more clarity than I entered with. So, I’ve found myself choosing to settle my thoughts on the beauty and sweet moments in this life. It’s not that I don’t continue to struggle to bring my thoughts and emotions under control. I do. Thankfulness has simply offered me rest in the moment. It has reminded me to take captive every thought & make it obedient to Christ.

So while the noise around me has continued, I’ve found the quiet in gratefulness for:

  • The sound of toddler feet running through my house
  • Hearts that are responsive to the Spirit’s leading
  • The tender reminder from a friend that God does remember me
  • Holistic healing
  • Finding myself still hemmed in by the patient love of those who have suffered well with me
  • Relaxing naps
  • Easy days
  • Shopping for girly fall clothes
  • Really good coffee
  • Forgiveness & restored relationship
  • Celebrating the sweet lives of friends’ children
  • Days spent with Tommy at home
  • Friendships that pick up where they left off
  • Hearing “Tank too, Momma” multiple times a day (aka Thank you, Momma)
  • The gospel poured out over my life
  • Family that loves and doesn’t divide
  • Sharing life with others
  • Good worship music courtesy of my sister
  • The knowledge that what is fractured will one day be made completely new & right as Heaven comes to earth
  • Late night conversations on the couch
  • The life-giving power of Scripture
  • Watching my little girl enjoy the company of others
  • The anticipation of Fall’s arrival
  • Having a husband who is rooted in the assurance of good things in our lives

Big things and small things. Some important and some not, yet all equally capable of providing reprieve and solace. As I walk through these days, I hope this is where I choose to dwell….in the quiet, where peace abides. 


  1. Not gonna lie. I was hoping this was a pregnancy announcement. You're an amazing woman.

    1. Ahh you're incredibly encouraging, Jessi. Thank you. :)

    2. Did you know that you pregnant when you posted this?! LOL