Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fall Fun!

We had a busy, festive weekend celebrating all things seasonal. I've always loved running from one place to the next, the chaos that ensues with multiple get-togethers and activities. But as I've gotten older, I've started to appreciate the reprieve and solace that home brings. It is a quiet peace of rest and predictability-- and after a busy several days in a row, I crave it. I still love being busy, especially with my new little family. I love giving Abi Kate experiences and opportunities that she wouldn't have from just hanging out at home. I love sharing moments with Tommy while she sleeps in the backseat of the car. And on a personal level, I adore spending time with friends and family. But after a few days, I start longing for routine. Mornings with coffee in a ceramic cup rather than a travel mug. Mundane tasks like taking the recycling midweek and mopping the floors on Mondays. And after this weekend, I learned that my baby love is much like her momma. (Of course, I have known this about her, but it was surely solidified after all of our fun running around.)

She so often reminds me of her Daddy. And I wanted that. When the ultrasound tech said, "Girl!", after coming down from about 18 levels of pure euphoria and nearly shouting at Tommy, "That means headbands and hairbows!!", I started praying that she'd be like him. Not that I don't like myself, but I wanted her to mimic so many of his characteristics, particularly his content, laid-back spirit. We all know those words don't support my personality. I could write a lot about that, but it's another blog for another day. :) Abi Kate is very social. She giggles a lot, is very smiley, but she's also pensive and curious in new situations. She's a good mix of us both, I think. And most of the time, she's pretty low key. But by Monday night, she was just about done with the running around, and I could tell she was longing for her regular days at home, too. Guess what? I love that about her!

Tommy & I have gone back and forth about whether we'll celebrate Halloween with our kiddos. But for this year at least, we just couldn't resist dressing her up. I often describe her as sweet-- and she really just is. I know I'm biased. But after being around so many little kids, I'm also a realist; and no other word describes her as well. So, she was a sweet little cupcake! Here's a few pics from her first Fall celebrations!!
 We started off at Books & Babies playing with toys.

 Before going to trick or treat all around the library. I helped her out by eating those goldfish and animal crackers. Mom of the Year. ;)

Friday night Abi Kate hung out with some of her favorite friends-- Micah & Ella. Ella didn't make it into these pics somehow! (I actually think these pics were from Thursday... Either way, they were a part of her weekend!)

          Snacking on my buddy Micah.

 I think Micah & AK became friends in utero. :) Their mommas are friends so it makes sense. They were born exactly 6 weeks apart almost to the minute. That makes for good baby-friend connections!

   Saturday we headed to the Mcdoula Fall Festival for a bonfire, yummy treats, and trunk or treat. Even though I didn't get to talk to all the women there, to me, there's a type of silent connection in being surrounded by women & their babies who value physiological birth, who know that it rarely needs to be "managed", who have found strength in trusting their bodies (and not because they are strong within themselves but because they were designed by a perfect Creator to do His good work-- and childbirth is that-- a good work.)

    She wishes ;)

    Staying warm in the trunk with my friends Macey & Maclaine!

  Once we got near the fire, she started getting sleepy.

 On Sunday, we headed to our church's annual Fall Festival. It is always a good time! She was interested in all the sights and people.

     We're blessed to worship at the same church with my sister. So Abi Kate got to have some extra Aunt Ra time. :)

  I could also write a big long blog about how awesome babywearing is. I'll spare you ;) But it does make long outings much more snuggly and also convenient. 

As soon as the festival was over, we went by Grandma & Grandpa's to celebrate Grandpa's birthday. Somehow he escaped the picture?! Here's almost all the nieces.

And then Monday night, we took Abi Kate for her first round of  "Trick-or-Treating." Definitely a loose definition since it was mostly just visiting with family! ;) Her costume was too big and puffy for her carseat, which meant taking it on and off at every stop. Oops! I might oughta rethink that next time!

    We stopped by Nannie's first for a little visit. We didn't tell her we were coming so it was an exciting surprise for her. :)

 Then we headed to Grandma & Grandpa's house. This is where the "I Want My Routine Back" started really kicking in. Even with that sad face, still a cute cupcake. And how much do Tommy & his momma favor here?!
 Hugging on Grandma, feeling happier now :)
 Look at that chubby baby foot. Couldn't resist it with her sparkly shoes.
 Finally Grandpa made it into a picture!

Then our last stop was Papa & Mimi's house. Aunt Ra met us there. Abi Kate cried all the way to their house but then perked up a little bit once we arrived. Guess she loves them!

 I got a little goody bag here with a banana & avocado (2 of my favorites!!) and a little treat for my piggy bank ;)

 Loving on Aunt Ra & Papa 

The Sweetest Cupcake around 

Sometimes laying on Daddy is all you need to feel better. :) 

A busy weekend filled with precious friends and family that we can't get enough of. We are so grateful to share all of these moments with those we love deeply! Here's to a calm, boring week of naps and playtime and staying in our jammies too long! :)

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